Video Premiere – Wildest – Sugar (The Choice is Yours)

Welcome to a new RGM Video Premiere, today we have the amazing Wildest with their brand new video Sugar (The Choice is Yours)

Here is a few words about the video from the band ????

“The bulk of the song was produced on an MPC in Jimmy’s Garden in the first lockdown. We couldn’t get over to the studio so just had to make do with what we had at the time. The lyrics are usually the hardest part but these came together in about 5 minutes, or however long it takes to do a full hair wash and condition shower. Some songs are just meant to be.

We love the video, we wanted something a bit weird and wonderful and Tom, Ellie, certainly delivered. We had a great time right up until the dancing scene… I think we may have got about 7-8 seconds of usable footage from an entire afternoon. You don’t know fear until someone comes at you with a camera and asks you to dance to your own song in a room full of people. “