Video Premiere: Yellow Majesty – A Song for the Weak

Today we have an international flavor, we are joined by Swedish band Yellow Majesty and their fantastic new video for A Song for the Weak. Here is some info on the song/ video 👇

The video takes place in Los Angeles, where we see three main characters that are captured within a story. The characters represent instances of what it means to be vulnerable as a human being, nevertheless during times of momentary despair and resistance (e.g., the pandemic). One character is a passionate believer who desires justice and change, we see the struggling artist/musician who struggles to make ends meet, and lastly we encounter the homeless youth who represents an amputated soul. Their vulnerability is manifested as what is usually perceived as weakness, but in reality, their vulnerability is also their source in achieving self-realization. 

The performers of the video, being Alli Hart and Yellow Majesty, are not only the messengers of what the characters feel and experience internally, but they also do represent all of us who have experienced those ‘weak’ moments yet never given up being vulnerable. Hence, a song for the weak! 

The video is special because the two artists shot their segments in two different continents during a pandemic, “our creativity emerged and merged together” says Yellow Majesty.

Media wizards Jonas Andréen, Joakim S. Hammond, Steve Ellis, and Nicklas Lärka assisted in the production of the video, whereas the video was edited skillfully by the thorough Jonas Andréen, which essentially brought Yellow Majesty’s vision to life.