Villanelle & The Northern Wonder – Dark Days At The Grand.

Manchester based Villanelle & The Northern Wonder have this week made their highly anticipated return with their new EP, ‘Dark Days At The Grand’. The EP is the bands first release of the year, and their first since 2019, and in sharing the EP, Villanelle & The Northern Wonder aim to introduce their blossoming audience to new, improved sounds.

The EP opens with the gorgeous ‘Clever Girl’, which sets the tone for Dark Days At The Grand with haunting yet nostalgic instrumentation. This track holds a strong, nostalgic guitar riff which pairs well with an eerie organ in the background. Villanelle & The Northern Wonder excel with their lyricism here, painting a clear image in the listeners minds. ‘Clever Girl’ is a real stand out upon this EP and is a lovely introduction to the band’s new direction.

Then follows ‘Room 30’, full of dark, haunting instrumentation with a catchy chorus that will get stuck inside your head. The atmospheric vocal effects work well with the instrumentation here, proving how well crafted Dark Days At The Grand is. 

‘Oh God’ holds a massive hook which is destined to turn some heads, Villanelle & The Northern Wonder prove themselves to be excellent musicians within this EP. The track features strong, catchy lyricism and is destined to get people’s toes tapping once the band are finally able to play it live.

Next follows ‘Horoscope Wytch’, a truly cinematic closer. Dark Days At The Grand has allowed Villanelle & The Northern Wonder to experiment with their sound in a way that will truly benefit them and ‘Horoscope Wytch’ is no exception to that rule. This track is destined to close the band’s live sets, it’d work wonderfully doing so, and closes Dark Days At The Grand well, leaving listeners wanting more.