Vix 20 – Broken Melody

Fuelled with a power-pop structure, ‘Broken Melody‘ is the latest release from Norfolk based band Vix 20. A heartfelt single that flows freely like a feather falling from a bird’s wing, ‘Broken Melody’ begins with a pop infused melody before venturing into an alternative realm of thought-provoking lyrics. Detailing as an open letter to the music business, ‘Broken Melody’ feels insecure in places and that it needs guidance from a confident character.

Nevertheless, the versatile sound of Vix 20 carries the track straight to the end. It’s like they throw any sort of genre you can think of into a cauldron and cook up a storm with each release. Refusing to limit their sound, ‘Broken Melody’ couldn’t be put into one category and that shows potential. Could Vix 20 be the next big power-pop band? Or even maybe the next big progressive meets alternative band? Who knows and the mystery of their genre feels like it may never be unveiled, and it’s completely mesmerising.

As for the track, it’s quite out there. With elements of a dark nature and weaving through joy and grief, ‘Broken Melody’ may feel broken in places but it reforms itself to be a truly, engaging experience. It’s not until the end that it starts to feel more confident with it’s choices, leaving listeners captivated by it’s journey through each emotion.

Powerful and crystal clear, there’s nothing broken about Vix 20’s latest melody.