Vona Vella – Maybe It’s Us

This wonderfully crafted track comes from Leicestershire duo Vona Vella, be prepared for its minimalist beauty to lift you heavenward. Bringing together two singer-songwriters to create one entity, they have shown a remarkable ability to gel their talents into one, with mesmerising results.

Although relying on very basic sounds, Maybe It’s Us displays the soothing simplicity which is at the heart of Vona Vella’s sound. Carried along simply by its harmonious bliss, this track conjures up images of better days spent losing track of time, much in the same way you can get lost in the voices of Izzy and Dan.

With two voices over two guitars it sounds like what it is, the combination of two singer songwriters. Rather than battling for the limelight though, this seems to be a match made in heaven, with each beat and each melodic lyric seemingly created to compliment the one that proceeds it. When you throw into this the contrast of the voices to create a truly blessed harmony and you have a special track on your hands.

What makes this track particularly impressive is that whilst being so serene, it still carries a real strength in it, coming purely from the power of the voice and the unequivocally tight instrumentals which seem to blend together into one. The end product is not just a wistful ballad, but rather a sound which fills you with hope, and even joy in a time when that seems so sparse.