Voodoo Bandits – I’m a Loser

Harvesting the contrasting narration of both feeling stuck in life and learning to accept your flaws, Voodoo Bandits latest single ‘I’m a Loser’ depicts numerous tales that many of us have felt in life. Compact sky high with head-turning riffs and soul pumping rhythms, you’ll be left reaching for the repeat button after being blessed with this triumphant release.

Made up of four unique talents, this Isle of Man indie-rock band certainly know how to string together a musical mastery or two. Opening on a wave of fast-paced momentum, the combination of both grunge-esque guitar twangs and playful vocals grabs your attention instantly. Adopting such a buoyant introduction is always a great way to catch any listener off guard, and Voodoo Bandit have done a great job at demonstrating this.

Like any surf-pop track, ‘I’m a Loser’ carries a prominent guitar melody – something that is known as being quite difficult to produce. So, to be able to create such a strong and confident tune is always going to be a gift. But, to build a song so flawlessly around a string, whilst excelling in the world of both lyricism and vocals, well, that is simply staggering. And Voodoo Bandit have managed to pull it off.

“I can’t ever change my ways, I think I’m living through a haze” they sing, crooning each word with such a clean tone. Their words are relatable, truthful even, but nevertheless inspiring. Likewise, with every word that’s delivered within this track, the instrumentation only proves to grow stronger. With such lionhearted percussive beats, along with a shy yet penetrating baseline, an anthemic stadium piece is born – with its one sole purpose being able to uplift and galvanize.

Voodoo Bandits have excelled in every element of musicality in this release and, with shy hints of both Circa Waves and The Strokes cursing through their musical veins, I’m sure there will be many people who will take a liking to this band and this new, incredible song.