W. F. Severs – Tales Of Mario

Tales Of Mario is a slick narration following the hardship of a gentleman named Mario and to guide you along his journey you are warmed with sweet Americana folk. All you need sometimes is an acoustic guitar and a voice and W. F. Severs does just that.

W.F. Severs’ singer/songwriter abilities flourish here with a concept story held tightly with intimate acoustic riffs. It’s such a warming piece that even though it is short and over before you know it, you want to relive the story of Mario all over again.


There is a good balance of plain acoustic playing and vocals as well as adding other instruments at points to fill out the track and the moments where you are left with W. F. Severs and his guitar are the emotionally stand out parts to take away.

The third and final track of this EP ‘The Final Chapter’ has Summery swaying rhythms and reminds me of some laid back 60’s and 70’s rock. Imagine one of Creedance Clearwater’s songs stripped back. It’s so sugar sweet and sentimental that the easy going beat and lower tone vocals send you into a cosy chilled out mood.

A meaningful and well written piece that I would love to hear live one day.