Californian trio Wallows take Manchester Academy on their highly anticipated ’Tell me that it’s over tour’.

Tell me that its over follows-up to Wallows’ 2019 debut Nothing Happens and 2020’s Remote EP.

With a great number of viral hits and over 1.7 million Instagram followers, as well as plenty of celeb listeners. The band has proved they are worth the hype 

After many live shows over the last few years.

With a beautifully lit stage, with vintage lampshades aplenty, fans patiently wait for this sold-out show. 

They start with Wallow’s classic ‘I don’t want to talk’ which wins the crowd over instantly. Dylan accompanies the song with his laid-back dance moves to get fans jumping around.

As the music continued fans did too, and the band met with cheers and screams throughout the night. 

Dylan spoke to the crowd, and said the band felt more than welcomed by the crowd tonight and took to his socials to say that it was the best show yet!

A mix of indie and pop bob tunes filled their set list, with ‘Remember When’ and ‘Just Like a Movie’. 

The band drew the night to a close with an encore of ‘Im Full’ and ‘Are you bored yet’- a perfect pairing to leave fans buzzing after their big night out.