Walt’s Frozen Head – Bon Yeti Bon, we review their new EP

Weird, wacky, and whimsical, Walt’s Frozen Head offers you the new EP ‘Bon Yeti Bon’.

When RGM reviewed the single ‘Mungo Take A Ride’ earlier this year, the main takeaway was that WFH were offering something different. Let me tell you, they haven’t changed their tune. They continue their intriguing sound in six tracks of unorganised chaos.

Usually, I’d try to summarise the sound in a few words, but I noticed that they used the words ‘surreal’, ‘trippy’ and ‘dark’ in their own description of the EP. I couldn’t really get more spot-on than that, and you only have to listen to it once to understand what I mean.

Everything kicks off with ‘Mungo Take A Ride’. With fuzzy funked-up riffs, tortured vocals, and thrashing drum fills, it’s 2 minutes and 43 seconds of headbanging psychedelia. This psychedelic quality carries through into ‘Pacing Navigator’. However, its brooding vocals show a bit more of a punky side to WFH.

What becomes clear early on is the desire to challenge the norm. Alfie Enzo, vocalist and guitar player, said starting this project “was an opportunity to have complete creative control. Experimentation was key to what I wanted to achieve, something dynamic with lots of character and personality’’. It’s undeniable that he is doing what he desires, and you have to admire it. Drawing influences from not only music but from other arts, such as comedy and film, it makes for a delightful (albeit slightly unhinged) mash-up.

Moving along through the EP we are provided with unexpected and compelling musical exploration. ‘Hot Sauce’ takes a robotic turn, with slow breakdowns that highlight impressive songwriting skills. ‘Dealer’s Tears’ gives us a catchy grunge riff that oozes cool, and ‘Low Hum’ relies on a distorted bassline that will get you dancing with ease.

The remaining track is also named ‘Walter’s Frozen Head’, and is a rollercoaster of tempo that will keep you guessing what is coming next.

All six tracks tie neatly together and make for an intriguing 20 minutes of music. Whilst I did find it a really interesting listen, sometimes I found the vocals unclear and I found myself trying quite hard to decipher exactly what was going on. However, that can all be taken with a pinch of salt, because overall this EP encapsulates the immense feeling of discovering music that is pushing boundaries and trying something new.

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