Walt’s Frozen Head new single is out now- Low Hum

Walt’s Frozen Head, otherwise known as Alfie Enzo goes it alone on his enigmatic new single, Low Hum.

The Leeds-based artist has captured the magic of 70’s glam rock with acts such as David Bowie and T-Rex being picked out from early verses, as well as a brutal entourage of noisy modern rock.

The transitions of sharp string arrangements over distorted bass guitar really attack the senses. Enzo’s vocals are lo: fi, but the effect merges into the haunting and gritty vibe that Low Hum presents.

It’s an experimental piece that’s full of grooving boots and manages to achieve a lot in four minutes. You’re left guessing about what’s coming next and even in its closing moments, you feel like something new is coming.

The pounding drum intro and wavy keyboard leads help balance the style of song you’re about to hear. Hard-hitting rhythms and eccentric lead riffs. The vocals are a standout part of the track and have a real glam edge to them with a sense of flamboyance.

The breaks between choruses and verses are explosive and it’s a real craftmanship of pushing one’s sound and influences as far as one can go. It’s a beastly tune.

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