Waltz Away – Angel in the Red Room

Blackburn based outfit may be a relatively new band, but they’re certainly leaving a good impression in the music industry from their recent release ‘Angel in the Red Room’. With previous single ‘Another Way’ gaining great exposure too, the melodic heartbreakers are known for their distinctive sound. Drawing influence from the world of acoustic music, they have the power to uplift through powerful guitar hooks of mid 60’s British pop. Waltz Away 

Glistening in a soft arrangement, Angel in the Red Room begins with a subtle nudge towards brit-pop but especially towards the 60’s pop movement too. Delivered intimately and showcasing a strong emotive through the verses, the chorus features the full band with even a subtle elegance of strings in the mix too. Illuminating the heart-felt lyrics, the message behind the track feels slightly left on the shelf.

Leaving you under suspense of what the track is really about, that’s the only thing I could say for advice, make sure the message is always clear. Despite that, the overall track is stunning. Absolutely love the key change towards the end of the track and the bass harmonics gives it an ambient edge to the dream-pop hit. Generating a strong fanbase across their two releases, Waltz Away are proving they’re making their way to brit-pop stardom. Could we be looking at the next The Coral? I think so. 

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