2021 has been a great year for music all-round and the music videos have been nothing less, In this list ill be running through my top ten music videos from 2021 and there are some crackers in here!

10. Squid – Pamphlets

Kicking things off at number ten is a band that’s had a phenomenal year and  their eery, stop motion style video to pamphlets is really unique and the perfect accompaniment to the track, such a creative video.

9. Finn Foxell – Slow Kisses

Now this one is just straight summer vibes, simply finn dancing around, with his band in some long grass fields, with a pot of tea, what’s not to love?

8. Bob Vylan – Pretty Songs

The ferocious ‘Pretty Songs’ is complimented with some equally high energy visuals to accompany, starting with a peaceful acoustic song on stage before the video explodes with anger, a real rager from one of the most exciting punk acts right now.

7. August Charles – Blessed

Doncaster based singer August Charles shared the visuals for his single Blessed and is a heart warming story of appreciation towards your family and friends in the face of struggle.

6. Hak Baker – Cool Kids

Some clever camera work here, as the audience are put in the face of various characters as they get up to mischief and sees Hak highlight the world of petty crime in the east end, a chilling viewing that touches upon drug culture with a refreshing take from Hak and his team. 


This high energy prodigy/metal crossover sees Wagasm going full rage with the visuals in green tinted chaos. The fast shots and close ups of the band create one of the most thrilling videos of the year.

4. Courting – Grand National

One of the best themed videos of the year, focused around, you guessed it, betting on the grand national around the pub table and losing their money – a hilarious concept and excellently delivered by Courting. 

3. Lime Garden – Clockwork

Number three gets props for the colour grading, with dull browns and greys perfectly representing the theme of the track – all topped off with the band bopping heads in unison, like clockwork. 

2. 3vs – Oh So Average

This is hands down my favourite animated video of the year and one that has flown far under the radar. The video follows a jester like character going about his average day but put together with some of the most creative animation I have ever seen in a music video, courtesy of Kaiphini.

1, Yard Act – Land Of The Blind

So number one, which wasn’t easy with so many great videos this year but Yard Act blew it out of the water with Land Of The Blind. 

The video is set in a diner where the lead singer, in a sequin jacket, hypnotises the customers into singing the vocal hook – hands down the best concept of the year and for me the best video.