Waves & Waves – Don’t Believe The Type

Waves & Waves really hit us with wave after wave of noise in their exciting new track ‘Don’t Believe The Type’. The Bath rockers are fueling their rage towards racism and media misinformation in this fiery indie rock piece.   

The music blends together exciting 00’s indie rock with catchy choruses and jangly guitars, and punk-driven attitudes and guitar work in the bridge that adds an extra punch to the message that Waves & Waves are getting across.  

As soon as Don’t Believe The Type begins, you’re treated to vocals that progress into energetic melodies and an accompanying guitar smashing power chords that really fill out the track. The drums are pounding away and you feel every cymbal crash.  

The bridge is an exciting transition into a Rage Against The Machine-style breakdown with funky and low notes from the guitar playing. The outro builds up the chorus, before its ferocious finish and really builds on its anticipation.  

You get the best of both worlds when it comes to indie rock with sing-a-long choruses, raw guitar layers and then that leftfield switch that differentiates an indie band from its peers. Exciting and personal stuff from Waves & Waves.