EXPERIMENT 637 video screen grab
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It’s another RGM video premiere, today we have the new video from Experiment 637 and their new video Midday Sun. 

Here are a few words about the video, enjoy!👊

Mickey from the band explains: “’Midday Sun’ was written during lockdown when everyone’s lives were thrown into total chaos. The novelty of eternal sunshine and an empty diary soon wore off and suddenly I found that I had too much time to overthink all kinds of life stuff – breakups, parental divorces, the people I had hurt, and people who had hurt me, plus there was the growing, deep concern that life would never return to how it was pre- lockdown, when we could see our friends and family without giving it a second thought.  It was all becoming overwhelming and when I sat down at the piano, all these feelings came pouring out in this rather chaotic way, and when Ronan and I set about recording it, we somehow managed to capture the fear, vulnerability and frustration that we both felt at that time”.

And on the video “We are mid way through shooting our ‘visual album’, which means that every song on our debut album will have a short film or music video. We’re working very closely with this amazing Leeds based filmmaker and animator called Alexander Kershaw. He really gets what we are about musically and he has this amazing talent where he turns the themes of our songs into these vivid and slightly unhinged short films. The Midday Sun video was shot in a manor house in Flamborough, near Bridlington. The video shows a character who is coping with loss, abandonment and loneliness. His family have left him alone in this big old house with his dark thoughts and we see him unravel. The entire thing was shot in one day. By choice, Ronan and I don’t appear in any of the videos. When we asked Alex to come on board with us to make the film, we made it very clear that we’re not doing this for vanity, to make us look like pop stars. We want to make a great piece of visual art, and we get very involved behind the scenes, doing lighting and finding locations, etc. “