It’s another RGM video premiere, today we have the new video from Feather Trade and their new video Big Nobody. 

Here are a few words about the video, enjoy!👊

“After the closing of the Brunswick Mill practice spaces, all bands being forced out, Feather Trade took the literal walls and door from its hinges and built a new space in the basement of Niamos Cultural Center in Hulme. During practice, we invited Director Pete Tomkies over and shared a story of how a few years ago, a rival band in our home town of Athens Georgia had paid a promoter a king’s ransom to have us removed from a slot on the major US music festival SXSW and took the slot for themselves. The discussion was spurred by the recent loss of our previous space due to gentrification and the consequence of greed and privilege in the art world. 

I’d been grappling with the subject matter in the lyrics for the video’s song, “Big Nobody.” I’ve been feeling that “the representational” replacing the authentic is the cancer of the art world and now seeing the art and music world soon facing a battle with AI in addition to cultural / narrative appropriation and gentrification, Big Nobody seemed like a more fitting phrase than ever. The very real rise of the unreal. Pete liked the concept and decided we should, during our recent April tour, shoot a video during a show, practices, and photo shoots, and let the video’s narrative be based on our anecdote. Pete said the video is basically a postscript documentary of the experience. The video features friends, supporters, our tour manager, photographer, and a photo of Little Richard.