We premiere the new video from Monitors, No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.

Welcome to a new RGM Video Premiere. Today we have the new video from Monitors and No Irish No blacks, no dogs. Hope you enjoy the video! Here are a few words from the band.

“The title No Irish No Blacks No Dogs was chosen in reference to many contemporary issues: the Windrush generation (the false detention, denial of legal rights and deportation of West Indian migrants who arrived in Britain in 1948), the rise in popularity of Conservative political parties (UKIP, BNP, RN), the Good Friday Agreement and the consequences of Brexit for the Irish border.”

“This new unplugged version of the track was recorded for several reasons. The song was originally written on acoustic guitar, so we wanted to return to the natural spirit of the song. The arrival of our new guitarist, Renaud Fumey, allowed us to explore our acoustic dynamics, and introduce more vocal textures.

“Furthermore, we thought it was suitable to choose this song to perform acoustically due to its themes. Unfortunately, the subjects and issues discussed in the song remain as prevalent today in 2022 as they were when the original song was written in 2018.

“We deeply believe that music should deal with all issues of society with peace, love, and empathy, regardless of how difficult, challenging, or appalling they may be.” 

No Irish No Blacks No Dogs (Unplugged) is released on July 12th in digital formats. The track will be available to stream and download on all major digital platforms. “