Welcome to a new video premiere, and what a video we have for you this time, we have Sheffield’s next big thing, Vivas, and their new video for It’s alright. Here are a few words and stories from the band about making the video. Enjoy!

“This is about someone who is late for a gig, (acted out by lead vocalist James Wilson) and as he is late – he forgets to bring his guitar. He parks his car as close as he can to the venue and continues his journey on foot. He then starts to run so he can get to the venue on time. While on his travels he stumbles across a busker on the way to the venue. James manages to persuade the busker to let him borrow his guitar for the show. He then continues his journey to try and make it on time. Thankfully, for everyone’s sake – he ends up making it to the show “just in time”.”

Side stories when making the video: 

“The band performance was filmed in Leeds where we had a black backdrop with red and blue lighting, to try and give an ambient feel to the video and reflect the mood of the song. 

Tyler (lead guitarist) probably did as much ironing as he did performing on the day we did the band performance. 

As the story part of the video was filmed in the summer – we remember waiting for ages with the filming team for it to get dark so we could actually start filming. 

We had a little bit of an audience when we shot the story part as we filmed the majority next to a block of flats, and quite a few ended up peaking their heads through or walking out on their balcony to see what was going on. It was almost like doing a live performance, but miming! “