We Review Alfie Neale’s New Single ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’

Having been familiar with Brighton-based soul singer Alfie Neale for a number of years, yet hearing very little of him since the world lost its collective shit back in early 2020, it’s welcomingly reassuring to see him return with the effortlessly easy going new single ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’.

It may seem like a negative title for such a sun-kissed slice of Neo Soul, but in true Alfie Neale fashion, the feeling of optimism is never far from the fore, despite its seemingly sad exterior.

Three minutes of bright, breezy soul it’s both understated and laid back, Neale seemingly managing to channel his own relaxed demeanour into his vocal track sure, but also into the track as a whole. Drums and bass form a steadfast backbone, though the latter never not fluid enough to fill the gaps left by the sporadic guitars and synth that really flesh the track out.

Indeed, Neale’s appeal has always lay in his ability at attracting both soul fans, and indie kids alike, and ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’ is no exception. While it’s off-kilter composition might not be the first thing one associates with today’s indie scenes, it’s laidback nature and effortless nonchalance absolutely is.

A welcome return to form for the Brighton artist.