Owing to other gig commitments this week I find myself back in Leeds but the weather is doing its best to mimic Manchester, wet and windy is the order of the evening. I’m running late and can hear the 1st band playing already so no time to stop off at the bar but to get down to the front to see what’s on offer tonight.

The Rosellas kick off tonight’s proceedings with a very Manchurian slant, clearly, Oasis influenced going by the 4 or 5 songs I caught but very much above many other bands who have followed a similar path. Pleasing too that they’re clearly a fan of folk further afield than their native Manchester having finished their set with a short but magnificent effort at Blondies Atomic 

Balancing it up 2nd support The Lilacs sound very much more Sheffield influenced with echoes of early Arctic Monkeys and newer boys The Reytons to their tunes, bizarrely given as they’re from Wigan. They brought a few fans along with them tonight which is a fair play being that there’s a rail strike happening this evening. Come to the end of their final track of the night, Vicarage Road it appeared they’d gained a few more too. 

The Brudenell has the pleasure of not only being the main act opening night of not just a somewhat considerably sized tour but the 1st one he’s ever headlined. Andrew Cushin, a star now rising rather rapidly, some may say possibly off the coat tails of fellow Geordie songsmith Sam Fender but saying that is giving him a massive injustice as he shares a similar god-like genius for writing a well-constructed tune with great lyrics as the other rather popular chappy.

Here at RGM Towers, we’ve seen Andrew way back before lockdown as a solo teen with just a guitar playing whatever support slots he could grab when and wherever and have caught him a few times with his band over the past festival season so it’s been a privilege watching the boys talent flourish into the young man with a band it has become today.

Well I say, young man, he still doesn’t look old enough to enter some of the venues on the forthcoming tour nevermind actually play them but that’s also part of the charm and amazement of watching him bring forth his craft, from emotional acoustic ballads like 4.5% that is about how his fathers alcoholism torn his family apart to future stadium anthems such as the Noel Gallagher produced Where’s My Family Gone this lad has them all in his bag.

To further enforce this point, when we hear Life We Get for the 1st time tonight it showed sophistication in songwriting someone of his age has no right to have even tho Andrew joked about having no idea why he sat down during part of it, “too Lewis Capaldi” he claims. Looking around the sizable crowd tonight you see everyone from teens to retirees reveling in the magic happening on stage, the grin on Andrews face being as wide as the room as the crowd is singing back to him his debut single written when he was just 16, Waiting For The Rain tells you he’s loving it and can’t quite believe what is happening.

What is happening is the future right there, and whether he believes it or not I for one am certain we have another superstar in the making in the room tonight, grab a ticket for the tour if you can because you won’t be seeing him in rooms this size for long.