The last day of the European tour rested on the shoulders of Brighton. Arkells and Lights already visited Germany, Scotland, and England, playing some of their biggest venues outside of their home of Canada. Due to Chalk being a nightclub the curfew was 10 pm meaning that Lights had to come on at 7 pm. The early start didn’t lead to an empty venue and her fan base who had waited five years since she last came to the UK was lapping up Lights’ new material as well as her big hitters like ‘February Air’ and ‘Savage’. A brilliant performer and many British Arkells fans will surely have been left converted.

Arkells had just released their new album Blink Twice so I was expecting a set aimed to promote the new songs, but the Hamilton residents only played three including ‘Past Life’, a possible contender for single of the year! Arkells played a career-spanning set brimming with crowd pleasers not yet heard on the UK tour like ‘Come to Light’ and ‘My Hearts Always Yours.

With the ever-charismatic frontman, Max Kerman promised that we were gonna have a good time as it’s Saturday Night with Arkells laying out rules that everyone has to sing and dance and look out for each other.

A man of his word, Arkells had the room dancing and singing, Max came into the center of the crowd to serenade a couple with the lover’s favorite ‘And Then Some’. These gestures are why the band is adored, they would struggle to be this intimate back home where they play arenas so the band must enjoy these spectacles. Another showstopper was the faux-battle between drummer Tim Oxford and keyboardist Anthony Carone orchestrated by Max. Each member took in turns to freestyle each other.

Other highlights included Lights coming back on stage to perform recent single ‘Human Being’ and a cover of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ dedicated to the Queen. Another dazzling show from one of the world’s finest live bands.

Check out their latest album Blink Twice featuring the likes of Tegan and Sara, Cold War Kids, Lights and Joel Plaskett.