We review BODY WATER’s new single – Throw It All in the Fire

It’s not often you’re faced with the question ‘Why write about love when you could write about serial killers?’, but that’s the question that Manchester horror rock duo BODY WATER are posing to us.

Their new single ‘Throw It All in the Fire’ comes from a collection of self-written short horror stories, with the pair explaining that this song came ‘after learning about the 1992 Shanda Sharer case and wanted to create our own twisted fictional world for these characters we’d conceived’.

On first thought, it would be easy to judge this concept, but I’d urge you to push past this because you may just be surprised.

By challenging the norms of songwriting it adds an element of interest that draws you in and only wants to make you find out more. They carry more folk to their music than you’d expect, but that definitely doesn’t hinder the song. Combining their haunting imagery with ethereal tones and catchy chorus melodies makes for a sound that can only be described as refreshing. 

I imagine this is the reason they’ve picked up so much attention despite the fact they’ve only been writing together for just over a year. They’ve had plenty of support from BBC Introducing and Radio 6, so they certainly must be doing something to spark interest. Hopefully, they keep up the momentum and we’ll start to see the name BODY WATER popping up a lot more.