We review Cagri Raydemir’s new EP – No, Maybe, Yes

Psychedelic mystery, acoustic rock, latin rhythms, hard-hitting blues riffs, and even a bit of western, the new EP ‘No, Maybe, Yes’ from German-based artist Cagri Raydemir covers it all. You could say that its direction is almost as confusing and ambiguous as its title.

Opening with ‘False Existence’, you are immediately greeted with intertwining melodies and spooky tones that become a running theme throughout the EP. Swiftly following, we begin to hear Raydemir’s softer side in the second track ‘Fish out of Water’, which is drenched in acoustic guitar. 

That still doesn’t stop him from cutting in with the catchy distorted licks every once in a while.

It’s an impressively varied display of musical ability from Raydemir, which only becomes more impressive when you learn he wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all of it (and even did the artwork!). This DIY approach has allowed him to put out an enormous back catalogue of work. You almost feel overwhelmed to find he has released 12 albums and 4 EPs since 2010, all available for you to hear.

Things get even more intriguing with the latin rhythms of ‘A Firm Indisposition’ and the cowboy guitar riffs of ‘In Gray Certainties Fall’. Cagri takes you through twists and turns whilst still managing to keep all four tracks sounding like they belong together, with not a single song sounding out of place.

Everything rounds off with an ominous loop of the words ‘In Gray Certainties Fall’, ringing over and over.

It’s at this moment you do wonder exactly what Cagri is trying to say. In the spirit of the convoluted nature of sounds that he manages to include, you realise you were never quite sure what he was trying to get across.

That may just be me though, and you might find yourself basking in a complete understanding of what the Munich musician is going for.

It’s possible that that’s what the meaning of the title is. Will you understand it? No, maybe, yes. 

Listen down below and find out, and let us know what you think!