We Review Caity Baser in London, What Happened?

Often dubbed the new Lily Allen with her witty lyrics and infectious tracks, newbie Caity Baser sold out her first headline within 3 minutes. Her popularity has consistently grown following a viral Tiktok she posted in 2020 singing about how she hated life in lockdown. Caity’s heavy TikTok presence is evidence of its influence on the music industry, with Caity optimising this – giving fans an insight into her life or teasing new music.

The Grace, Islington has a capacity of 150 and despite the speedy sell-out it was the perfect venue for Caity’s first headline, providing an intimate setting with a great atmosphere and sequin disco balls on the ceiling.

Doors opened at 7pm and the room immediately filled up, with girls wearing “CB” sunglasses front and centre. The energy was high, and fangirls were singing along to the background playlist proving a karaoke-esqe environment. It would be safe to say Caity has a hardcore fanbase already!

Kicking off the night was Neve, originally from Belfast but now living in West London. Her music fit the night perfectly– “bad b anthems” inspired by boys treating girls badly, a tale as old as time… She started her set with an unreleased song and immediately questioned how the audience knew the lyrics; this chatter in between tracks was where you could hear her Irish accent. Neve had a strong stage presence, with theatrical expressions, and the clever use of multiple mics (with different settings) to enhance her set. Several humorous moments occurred, including when she forgot what her next song was and had to get reminded of her set list – this in no way reduced the quality of her performance, but actually made her more relatable and personable. The third song was ‘guy friends’, a slightly slower and lower mood, but still retaining the audience’s attention, and the interactive girlies at the front of the audience joked that “we’ll cry along”. Following on was a mashup of ‘Sk8er Boi’ (Avril Lavigne), and ‘Woman’ (Little Simz), then Neve’s most recent single ‘Not Like This’. Before ending her set, Neve referred back to Caity, gave thanks to the audience, and finished with upcoming release ‘Mother Romance’; a great support to set the tone.

Immediately after Neve finished the crowd stayed and patiently waited for Caity’s set – 50 minutes sat on the floor, or stood, so they didn’t lose their place in the small venue. I say patiently, however there were irregular chants of “Caity, Caity, rock on” throughout these 50 minutes – a chant in her song ‘Lil CB’. Despite the gig being sold out, it was also Tiktok livestreamed for fans at home who didn’t manage to snap up a ticket in those vital three minutes – what an inclusive queen.

Her set started with a long instrumental intro of ‘Say It Like That’ before Caity jumped on stage to a massive uproar. Immediately she came across just like she does on her Tiktok, in terms of mannerisms and expressions, and instantly her vocal range and performance was incredible. She clearly was taken aback by the crowd and stated this throughout with phrases such as “wow! I’m so overwhelmed!”. Between songs she was incredibly chatty, talking or singing random waffle or jokes, one of the many highly likeable characteristics of Caity, and one of the reasons she’s attracted such a following. Regardless of if the crowd matched her energy or she matched theirs, everyone was buzzing and unbelievably exited, and you could tell she was having the time of her life. It was great to watch; she is absolutely made to perform and be on stage.

Following onto her next track ‘MIA’ she told the backstory of the song – she was in the studio after having an argument with her mum and had never heard of the term ‘MIA’. The crowd were in awe of her on stage, and she retained their attention throughout the entire set. Cleverly leading into ‘Average Student’ she was chatting away before saying “do you ever just sit there and just think… ‘I’m so broke….’”. The crowd knew every word, word for word – Caity has a fandom already – and she turns 20 tomorrow! There was natural adlibbing, expressive movements, and the arrangement of tracks with the guitar and drums truly elevated her performance.

Before long, she’s given multiple pairs of the “CB” sunglasses which she parades around wearing as she continues to wow the crowd. Despite being “overwhelmed”, Caity came across like an excited golden retriever, and the packed venue was unbelievably warm, not just in the good energy, but physically with the lack of air-con; something Neve and Caity referenced, with Caity commenting that she was “sweating in all regions” – I can vouch that there was condensation dripping down the walls too…

Again, she told the backstory of her next song ‘STD’; this time her boyfriend at 16 cheated on her, and how mind-baffling it was that “he. Cheated. On. ME!!!”. This was an interactive exchange between the crowd and there was a reoccurring theme of the boys who Caity wrote songs about, texting her saying they liked her song, despite it being digs at them. Spirits remained high and the room channelled their anger into screaming the lyrics, to the point the crowd were louder than Caity; Caity appreciated this as “good teamwork” and again noting how “mad it is that I [Caity] wrote these songs and now you [the crowd] are singing them!!!”

Slightly dropping the pace, she sang her “only sad song” – ‘Virtually’. Despite this, the arrangement had occasional drums which kept the tempo, and with the crowd singing along it hardly felt like a change of pace at all – I was pleasantly surprised. Just as Caity was about to start chatting away again, her drummer interrupts and reminds us that its Caity’s birthday tomorrow. So, without further ado, the room sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Caity and her management brings a cake on stage. A wholesome moment and Caity states “I’m turning twenty! What the f*ck!” – more like how are you this young???? With such talent, a bright future and career ahead, I can easily see her performing in arenas within a few years.

‘British Summer’ is an unreleased track which Caity’s previously teased on Tiktok and led by stating it “might be her favourite track”; it definitely is mine, and must be dropped ASAP as it is, without a doubt, a summer anthem. This song received an insane reaction from the crowd, with some singing along to the lyrics they’ve heard beforehand. The following track ‘Lil CB’ was now the crowds time to shine with the return of the “Caity, Caity, rock on” chants. Despite an overwhelming and enthusiastic crowd, Caity ruled the stage, pacing around, interacting with the crowd, and clearly enjoying herself. She kept her cool and gave incredible performances – every single track was without fault or flaw – vocally, instrumentally and her general physical presence. You could also tell how genuinely appreciative she was, not just because she regularly stated it, but also with how she interacted with the whole crowd. She even occasionally applauded the room.

She treated us to another unreleased track ‘CMT’, which Caity stated this was about a stupid stupid stupid (+more stupid’s) boy, before ending her set with the viral track ‘Friendly Sex’, which naturally and predictably received an immense uproar. She started walking off stage joking “Okay I’m going now, I’m leaving now” whilst the crowd were chanting a mixture of “one more song”, “encore” and “angrier” (referencing ‘Friendly Sex – angrier’ version). This angrier version includes rewritten verses after Caity found out the boy she was sleeping with, was also sleeping with another girl – which she found out through the marketing and release of ‘Friendly Sex’ – the storyline can be viewed on her TikTok. Of course, Caity returns to the stage to sing ‘Friendly Sex – angrier’. She had great energy, was extremely smiley and energetic, and it honestly was great to watch and witness. Before she left the stage, this time for real, she thanked her band and the audience again – “thanks so much, get home safe, byeeee”.

Without a doubt Caity is one to watch, an ‘up-and-comer’, who will continue to grow her already loyal fanbase. She is a lyrical genius, with a talent for writing and signing, and she is already making her mark in the industry. I can only see her getting more popular and continuing to be compared to other iconic women like Lily Allen, Mae Muller and Kate Nash.

Caity has two upcoming headline shows in September.

Words By: Serena Jemmett

Photos By: Lily Craigen Photography