We Review Canadian JP Saxe live In Manchester, and find out what happened.

JP Saxe arrives for his first solo performance in Manchester for his long-awaited Feelings Are Stupid Tour after 2 years of cancellation.

He is an extremely vulnerable and captivatingly honest artist- hailing from Southern Canada.
Sensitive and sweet, he is relatable to all of his devoted fans going through and getting over heartbreak.

JP offered VIP packages to Manc fans in which he greeted and talked them through his time here in the UK and answered questions on what’s to happen next after the release of his debut album.

The Academy 3 was filled by couples- while not your typical Saturday night gig crowd, it was obvious every individual in the room was in awe of Jonathan’s vocal ability and talent.

He performed solo, just him and his guitar and piano- this felt extremely intimate and meaningful and of course, must have meant a great deal to his fans.
Songs such as ‘4am in Toronto’ and ‘Same Room’ were played while the crowd sang along- JP explaining that these gigs- for him- are to ‘hear fans sing’ rather than the other way round.

The crowd interaction was some of the best I have seem recently and I think the intimate venue definitely assisted this. He feels at home clearly- and this rubs off on the onlookers below.
My favourite of the night was song ‘Hold It Together’. Saxe explains it’s a song about the battles of masculinity and the stereotypes around it: mostly on how this has shaped him as a partner and, in turn, what he is trying to unlearn. This gave me a clear insight on who JP is as an artist- he writes from experience and this is what clearly makes him so popular.

Although not the most energetic, JP Saxe is a truly remarkable singer- songwriter and gave what can only be described as an eyeopening performance; a progressive one at that.

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