We review Colin Clyne’s new single – ‘Wishing Winter Away’

Delivering immaculate indie-folk vibes, ‘Wishing Winter Away’ is the brand new single from Aberdeen singer songwriter Colin Clyne. Poetic lyrics are paired with gentle melodies and plaintive string melodies that carry the hope and optimism of Spring.

Strong celtic ties are explored in the musical arrangement, with the Fiddle part leaving us in no doubt of the frame of reference for this track. Folksy with elements of trad. Music, this instrumental part conveys the beauty of the lyrics, and the serenity of the song. This Fiddle part is meaningful and authentic, merging beautifully with the rest of the song, and is the perfect accompaniment to Colin’s vocals.

The lead vocals in ‘Wishing Winter Away’ are delivered with a perfect rasp that captures the coldness of winter. Far from a harsh sound, this helps to articulate the cosiness that the cold weather can provoke with “the glow of the hearth”, and the beauty of “long winter walks in the woods”. Colin’s vocals invoke the rugged beauty of this time of year, as his melodies bring the hope and excitement for Spring.

This song has landed at the perfect time, as the first few sunny days of Spring have appeared, and the T-shirts have been dug out from the bottom of the wardrobe.

I find myself struck by the beauty of this simple arrangement. Each element of the song furthers the articulation of the central image, leaving us with a beautifully rounded ballad that draws us into nature.

Lyrically, ‘Wishing Winter Away’ delves into familiar imagery; wintery nature scenes, cosy winter evenings, and the bright promise of spring. Who can’t relate to the feeling of desperately longing for longer warmer days to spend outside with family and friends.

Released at the perfect time of year, its a beautiful ballad which showcases Colin’s strong lyrical ability and musical arrangement skills.