We review Faith Louise’s new single – Promise

At 17 years old I’m not sure many of us can say we were releasing chart-worthy pop tracks, but Essex singer-songwriter Faith Louise certainly can.

Following her highly successful last single ‘Wanna Feel’, which has garnered over 150,000 listens on Spotify, Faith now brings us the brand new catchy pop banger ‘Promise’. Fit with fast-paced drums, a dance-worthy bassline, and an annoyingly catchy chorus, ‘Promise’ has all the ingredients to fill the dance floors this summer and do just as well as her previous release.

I wouldn’t say the song challenges the norm. It seems to be following the pop song formula to a tee, even fitting in a slow, emotional bridge section. ‘Promise’ does not push boundaries, but it certainly has the attributes to do well in the charts. 

Discussing the track, Faith says ‘‘Promise’ was written about how a cheater will always be found out, promises and respect are earned. Written and Recorded between the UK and Norway, it’s been an incredible track to work on and I can’t wait for you to hear it’.

Despite her young age, you really get the impression Faith is taking her music with the utmost seriousness. It’s a quality you have to admire and one that will only serve her well.

Louise seems to be taking the right steps forward for plans of long-term success. You can imagine she has a lot more left to give in the bright future ahead of her.

For now, you can listen to ‘Promise’ and let us know what you think!