Been a while since I’ve been to Night & Day in the big ole northern smoke, over a year now I believe but it feels good to be back here again. Night & Day for many is THE destination for bands on their way up, some on their way down, and others as a treat for some lucky fans of bigger (typically Manchurian) bands with an occasional “intimate” gig when you’re more likely to see them playing the likes of Academy One, Apollo, Albert or Ritz. -small enough to feel extra special, big enough to get a reasonable number in.

Tonight it’s the turn of Freya Beer who without a doubt is about to start her ascension but more about that later. Hailed by her publicist as a Glam-Goth-Noir Femme Fatale, Freya was already on my radar having previously heard a few songs appear on my Spotify stream after some album plays so I was intrigued to find out more and jumped at the chance to see her in action when the chance arose.

Support was from Tom Saint, Southampton born but now based in London.

A singer/songwriter/producer who clearly has a talent and a varied canvas to paint songs on. Electro, high energy, and even dirty metal are all contained in his set and he covers subjects such as getting drunk under the table by a girl to mental health issues. The only downside of his set was just being solo singing to his backing tracks as it was a shame he didn’t have a band with him to let his songs truly come alive.

After a brief wait, the main act tonight enters the stage. With a young Chrissie Hynde attitude aura around her, 80’s Susanna Hoffs (if you don’t know who she is kids, ask your dad and watch his face go dreamy…) looks about her physically both in facial & body movement and a voice as haunting and stunning as Lana Del Ray’s is she is an incredible package stood before you. It’s an enticing cocktail indeed as she kicks into action and you find her drawing you in like the true femme fatale title she has been given.

There’s nothing cheap going on here, in fact, the complete opposite with an air of expensive classy sophistication and maturity way beyond her physical years showing in her performance which steps up a notch midway through her debut album when she plays her release from early this year Love Child where the audience really take notice of her. Following along with a couple more new songs in which so far I’ve been hearing hints of The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Nick Cave influences which finishes with Tom returning to the stage to sing their duet and latest release, Honeymoon Eyes, a double bonus as Tom finally gets to show his talent with a band that it craves.

It’s not often I let out a “Wow” on a 1st listen after seeing an artist live but on the basis of tonight’s short introduction to the world of Freya Beer this young enigmatic Londoner has a dazzling career ahead of her, the 24-year-old holds your attention on stage like only the best can and I for one have been drawn into her world and can’t wait to see more.