We review Gaz Price’s new single – Leave Them Be

It’s folk-rock with an extra bite, with plenty of energy chucked into a less than 3-minute package. It is Gaz Price’s new single ‘Leave Them Be’. 

If a different singer was to hear the music to this song, you wouldn’t be surprised if they took an all-out folk approach and gave you some soft vocal melodies to produce some nice, easy listening. But not Gaz Price. The Hartlepool singer-songwriter’s snarly vocals are a stark but welcome contrast that creates intrigue to the ear.

The imagery of a hoard of people singing along as they jump up and down in a small, local bar is created by the upbeat, good-time feel to this track. You just can’t help but want to tap your foot.

Price explained himself that ‘Leave Them Be’ is ‘a song about mob mentality. That air of invincibility felt when fuelled up and out for some carnage.’. 

Whilst this may be a more aggressive theme than what you first expect, you can’t doubt that he has managed to capture a communal sense to the song. One that works in his favour and does make you want to listen again.

There are some moments in the track where an extra bit of oomph feels missing. Maybe an extra boost of guitar or some other noise would do the trick, but that’s just nit-picking really.

Gaz is currently on a mission to branch out his success from the North East right across the UK, and he claims he has ‘something to say and that something is worth listening to’.

So why not give him a listen, and let us know what you think!