We review ‘I’m Not Alone’, the new single from Cultures

Melancholy and clean, ‘I’m Not Alone’ is the brand new single from Manchester band Culture. Displaying a new moody alt-rock side of themselves, the band show how far they have come from their bright indie-pop days. Building ambient textures that climax into a huge ending, ‘I’m Not Alone’ delivers a mature sound with excellent songwriting on show.

Poetic lyricism plays on cliches and well known sayings, blurring them with the band’s lived realities. Detailing feelings of living abroad for a while, the lyrics see frontman Josh Spivey’s feeling homesick for the green fields of England, which also acts as a metaphor for the grass always being greener on the other side. Don’t be fooled by the melancholy feel of this song, there is a strong sense of hopefulness and determination. The title lyrics ‘I know I’m not alone’ summarise the optimism of this song, encompassing that sense of knowing you’re on the right path, even if it seems hard sometimes. This emotion is built up through the atmospheric layering of guitars which open up into an outro made energetic by the guitars and ramping up of guitar textures.

Cultures say they built this track up through remote recording sessions during the Winter lockdown, which adds a poignancy to the lyrical sentiment of knowing you are not alone, despite what it seems. The band capture a much needed sentiment throughout this song, and manage to distill it into the bones of the track.

Rather than declaring this a new sound of the band, they describe it as another side of the multi-faceted project, which opens up a new world of possibilities for future releases. ‘I’m Not Alone’ is mature and clean sounding, with heaps of space in the mix. Allowing the vocals and guitar lines space to breathe and shine shows the production and songwriting skills on display here.

The main highlight of this song is the magnificent build to climax which is pieced perfectly together and leaves you wanting more.