We review ‘Irrational Movements’, the new single from The Assist

Fun and quirky, ‘Irrational Movements’ is far from your average Indie-Dance track. The new single from The Assist features clever lyricism, confident and mature control of sonic textures and impressive song management.

Energetic synths rival indie guitars to create a sound reminiscent of Peace. Bouncy rhythms encourage you to fulfill the song’s title and take to the dancefloor with your best moves. Bubbling with confidence, ‘Irrational Movement’ shows the band to be comfortable within their sound, giving us the Indie-Dance track that we all want.

Showing off their quirky side with the post-chorus break, The Assist show us they are not afraid to play around and have a little fun with their recordings. The main take away from this single is how fun this band is, with ‘Irrational Movements’ being a testament to their live capabilities.

Punchy vocals deliver repetitive lyrics that you’ll soon be singing along to, highlighted by light floaty backing vocals in the chorus. Everything about this song seems designed to make you jump, dance, sing, join in in whatever form you deem appropriate.

Held down by a constant groove from the bass, there is plenty of space for the electric guitars which firmly keep you in the Indie headspace. Whilst they play around with space and texture during the track, The Assist don’t venture too far from Indie norms, giving us bright and jagged guitars that thrash away under the verse vocals, and tear away to a solo at the end that is sure to sound amazing live.

Released as the first single from their upcoming album, ‘Irrational Movement’ sets the scene for the future releases we can expect from the Walsall rockers.