Angelic falling harmonies echo wildly around your stereos and then you’re at a disco. At first, the beat brings on an intense foreboding feeling as the first 15 seconds are almost haunting. All of a sudden you’re heading through the doors of a nightclub in the early hours, taking in the kaleidoscopic scenes before you. 

London-based JAGARA’s new single, ‘Into The Night’ is intriguingly melodic and overtly pop. Like Kate Bush on steroids, the mutli-instrumentalist drew inspiration from her time in Berlin throughout the lockdown weaving Schranz’s techno influences into progressive machine-like beats offering self-expressive freedom. It may be niche but it is layered with a good time.

JAGARA is formed of three sisters, including sibling producers Cat and Ruth. Who helps to build an audiovisual in the mind with their talent of merging 80’s basslines and a futuristic electro sound. “The track is about staying connected to your authentic self in the face of societal pressures.” Whether this is the kind of music you normally listen to or not, the various dynamics of the song must still be noted. There is also the exciting promise of a full album and music video to accompany this new single which can only heighten the intoxicating experience.

Atmospheric and moody, ‘Into The Night’ begs the night to continue, “I don’t need to lose myself” creates a supernatural edge with synths that are glaringly house-infused.

JAGARA has already managed to prove their place within the music scene having supported the likes of Bastile and having its song synced within a Netflix series.

‘Into The Night is a highly euphoric track with repeated lyrics, “You can keep it all in my head.” summing up the track as the single places itself at a rave at 3 am when you’re high on life and the room is spinning and you’re in your own bubble of motion. This would be the song to bring you back onto the dancefloor and into the moment allowing you to bring out your final dance moves.

Collaborating with Berlin co-producer Damjan Blazun has sealed the insanity of how much can be emoted from a drum machine and pulling ideas from the new wave era. The new single is unapologetically authentic, which is fun forming and although ‘Into The Night’ is surprisingly less narrative than their previous tracks it still creates an eclectic full sound. It’s a self-categorised banger, screaming about lack of sleep.