Jamie T graces O2 Victoria Warehouse with a Euphoric and Transcendent singalong display.
After ghosting social media and the public eye for a few years, this Indie Veteran is back with vengeance and with good reason too.

Boozed-up fans crowd the sold-out venue and await the carnage of the show in hand.
Known for his pub-like singalongs and witty character, the crowd is rowdy as ever. Women and men alike of all ages make their way towards the stage with an ever so casual swagger, one similar to the front man.
Fans hope for a new and updated Jamie T show; while remaining an ode to his work of the 2000’s.

Jamie first graces the stage solo, with a singular spotlight and an acoustic guitar.
As the crowd becomes restless, the rest of the band joins the frontman with an unspeakable amount of energy.

Mixing the old with the new he sings songs such as Dragon Bones, Joan of Arc, and Salvador.
Pints flying all over the place, it is no doubt everyone in Victoria Warehouse is so glad this indie legend is back and back for good.

Things simmer down for songs such as ‘Emily’s Heart’ where Jamie shows a sense of vulnerability in a very honest and loveably flawed performance.
Classics like Zombie and Sheila are soon to follow and the perfect ending to an incredible night of nonstop singalongs.

Alike his new album ‘The Theory of Whatever’ his performance was a pivotal one that showed his growth as an artist and performer while remaining the Cheeky Chappy Londoner we all know and love.