We review Lilli Unwin’s new single Mama

Mama is a slow paced, coming of age song about the confusion of ageing in a world where you’re supposed to already have all the answers. The piano instrumental mixed with the soothing sound of the odd droplet of water (or so it sounds) creates a relaxed sensation and a feeling of calm as you listen to the song. Almost as if you’re floating in the water.

I feel that one lyric, in the song that particularly stands out to me in this song is the line “how can I measure up to the strength your voice has shown, or will I learn one day on my own?”. She asks similar questions throughout the song which show the process of a young person who is questioning what their place is in life and how they are supposed to know when the timing of their life is right.

This highly relatable lyricism makes Mama a standout song for me as I know these questions, or those similar will be swimming around most young people’s minds daily, showing we’re all in the same boat.

The relaxing nature of the song, however, isn’t just shown by the pace of the music and the lyrics but by the artists’ voice itself. Lilli’s vocals on this track are extremely soft, which melts you into the calm atmosphere that the song creates.

The pace and the mesmerizingly deep, well-thought lyricism also inspire a sense of reflection as the song mainly asks questions that many will never know the answers to.

Overall Lilli’s Unwin’s new track is one to definitely keep an eye out for in the future and we highly recommend that you give her amazing work a listen to at the end of this month when the single releases.