We Review ‘One By One’, the new single from Christian Prior

Sparse instrumentation to give this track an almost whimsical feel, Christian Prior delivers polished production and a satisfying sound in his new single ‘One By One’. Staccato detached melodies give us interesting lyrics that are built heavily on cliches.

One By One’ gives us a rich sound that touches on an eclectic range of references. This makes it a hard song to pinpoint, but that is part of the charm of the track. Jazzy electronic piano, rocky drums and guitar, unusual midi sounds in the background create a richly diverse soundscape that envelops throughout the song.

The sparse instrumentation of the verses and choruses builds into a busy final section where we see Christian Prior’s production value come into its own. Contrasting melodies vie for attention, with vocal interjections cutting through a brilliant solo line, with everything coming to a satisfyingly clean cut to end.

A standout feature of this track is the high production value. Sections fuse seamlessly together, with well thought through transitions that bring us into the next section. Prior shows a real development in his sound and songwriting talent, with ‘One By One’ fitting well in his discography, whilst showing a continued development of his artistry.

His rich bassy vocals guide you through this track, with catchy memorable lyrics that stay in your head long after the first listen. Citing iconic storytellers such as joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder as his influences, their presence is clear in the construction and delivery of this song which leaves you confident that Prior knows what he’s doing, and is damn good at it too.

Overall, an interesting listen and a brilliantly interesting song which reveals more layers each time you listen – so stick it on repeat!