We review Rex Orange County in Manchester, what happened?

The undeniably loveable, English singer-songwriter Rex Orange County returns to Manchester for his ‘Who Cares Tour’.

The venue is packed out with blue corduroy, trucker hat loving fans as the anticipation for Alex and his band builds amongst the sunshine.
Already, it proves to be a show like no other. Life-size flowers and mirrored ornaments fill the stage in a truly aesthetically pleasing way. Almost mimicking the likes of a 90s cartoon movie set.

Fans at the barrier can be seen with bunches of sunflowers, ready to give to the award winning superstar.

Transcending genres in an effortlessly cool and collected way, fans await new material from ‘WHO CARES?’ As well as his earlier work from ‘Bcos U Will Never B Free’.

Finally, Rex bounds on stage almost as if an excitable puppy- an energy I have not seen from an artist in a while. Coming across completely authentically, letting onlookers know he really is happy to be there and wasting no time in starting the fun.
Alex comes across as a cheeky Chappy type, while also being extremely introverted and this can be seen through his writing and performing. This vulnerability is what makes him so popular.

‘AMAZING’ was a personal favourite of the evening for me. An extremely cheerful singalong track, about love, friendship and relationships. Sweet and unremarkable in every way.
He pulls out a mixture classic piano ballads and guitar bops like ‘Television/So Far So Good’ and ‘Untitiled’.

Fans sway and link arms as he plays ‘Pluto Projector’- an Alex classic and a tune that pulls on listeners heartstrings no doubt. A warm and vibrant performance from both him and his bandmates.

As the performance ends its clear Rex is now a grounded and polished performer- ready to sell out arenas world-wide as everyones favourite indie soft boy.