We review SamBaah17’s new single – Cigarette Scars

A bedroom pop track that carries more to it than it first suggests, ‘Cigarette Scars’ is the new single from Samuel Baah, or SamBaah17 going by his stage name.

The upbeat and jangly sound of the instrumental drags an instant feel-good wave across you. The track is encased in a DIY feel that we’ve seen all over the place in recent years as it’s become easier and easier for people to make their own music. It would seem like Baah is one of those people, bringing us his third single release just in time for the summer.

The breezy instrumentals of this two-minute track are matched with layerings of catchy vocal hooks.EADING

Already, at surface level, it has the making for a song that will undoubtedly serve Baah well. However, if you choose to look further you’ll find there’s more intended for this song than just a fun-loving single.

Baah explains himself, ‘there are subtle solemn undertones, discussing a sensitive issue (sexual/domestic violence) through the lyrics, spreading awareness as well as supporting women who are going through something similar. 

It’s nice to see someone using their musical platform to promote the right message. 

This is an issue that shouldn’t be shied away from, and it’s right for Baah to talk about it like this as it should be a normalised discussion. There should be an increasing focus to provide anyone suffering from such difficulties with the right avenues of support and help.

‘Cigarette Scars’ is available for you to go and listen to, and do let us know what you think!