We review Scott Magnus new EP – ‘COMEBACK STRONGER

COMEBACK STRONGER’ is the powerful new EP from Oldham’s own Scott Magnus. Delivering singer-songwriter anthems with a fresh and modern sound, these songs will sound at home both on the stage and through the speaker.

Kicking things off with ‘Lone Wolf’, this aptly named song opens with haunting vocals that emulate the cry of the Wolf. Scott Magnus gives us vocal lines to swoon over, a delicate tone with a mesmerising purity. Opening as a more traditional pop ballad, this song soon breaks free of this expectation, building into a deeper sound with electronic synth pads that create the modern rhythmic element of the track which counterpoints beautiful against the stripped back verses.

‘Diamond in the Rough’ continues this development of singer songwriter pop, with dark and gritty melodies and electronic sounds. The melodic shape of the vocal lines, and the backbeat draw influence from Trappier sounds, developing a new facet of Scott’s artistic sound. A stand out feature of this track is the vocal range that Scott Magnus displays in the bridge! Giving us depth and range, Scott Magnus’ voice is definitely a huge asset.

‘Growing Up’ is a dark alt-pop track that shows Scott Magnus drawing from pop/hip-hop influences. Even with the spoken word-esque verses, Scott Magnus still gives us memorable melodies and relatable lyrics as he discusses the all too relatable fears, anxieties, hopes and excitement about growing up.

It would be impossible to say that this EP is dull or one-note – each song gives a different style and displays a different side to this emerging artist. ‘Don’t Take Away My Purpose’ shows us the resilient side of Scott Magnus, with a huge chorus of heavy guitar power chords and defiant vocals. This song starts with rap or spoken word before breaking into full song, highlighting the lyrical content. Scott moves through so many sonic landscapes in this song and somehow manages to make it sound cohesive. Moving from rap, to electronic pop to full blown rock, this is no mean feat!

The inability to pigeon-hole Scott Magnus and ‘COMEBACK STRONGER’ is what makes this such an exciting release. Breaking the EP in half with a small interlude which gives some further insight into the themes of this project. The strength of this cohesive message is what ties the varying musical styles together. Finding hope in even the most hopeless of situations, ‘COMEBACK STRONGER’ finds light in the dark, and sees Scott follow his passion for music through to success.

‘Break My Heart’ opens with rhythmic guitars that hint towards a more Indie sound, with a bright sound that juxtaposes the lyrics of heartbreak and relationship breakdown. This contrast is always a great way to handle sad song content, a heartbreak banger that you can’t help but dance to.

With ‘Messed Up’ we get a more laid-back pop/R&B sound. Scott Magnus gives us powerful vocals that show his strength both as a person and as an artist. The jaunty electronic percussion balances well against the fierce power chords of the chorus, forever tied together by Scott Magnus’ vocals that cut through each song like a beacon.

COMEBACK STRONGER’ closes the ‘The Phoenix’, articulating Scott Magnus’ rise from past challenges and hopefully signifies a positive journey onwards. Soaring defiant melodies are delivered by Scott Magnus’ ever powerful voice that oozes emotion and strength. His lyrics are honest and open, drawing from everyday imagery making his lyrics accessible and relatable.

Each song on this EP details a different obstacle or challenge that Scott Magnus has faced, but the overall message of this EP is one of empowerment, achievement and strength. Scott Magnus effortlessly brings colliding worlds of music together, fusing different genres together with the power of his vocal expression and production skills. A really exciting release for this songwriter, and one that will surely open doors to new exciting opportunities for Scott Magnus.