We review Superbloom’s new single – ‘Smile’

North London rockers are coming in hot with their powerful new single ‘Smile’. This single follows on from the success of the acoustic version of their song ‘Paper & Stone’ which I had the pleasure of reviewing last year.  With ‘Smile’, Superbloom is making a full show of its power and strength, with anthemic melodies, roaring guitar and relentlessly pounding drums.

Superbloom says ‘Smile’ is their heaviest track to date and provides an incredible contrast with their previous release. Hopefully, this signals a heavier era for the band, who suit this sound well and deliver melodic heavy-hitting rock at a high standard. ‘Smile’ unleashes a huge energy with heavy distorted guitar at the low end of the mix and moving melodic vocal lines at the top.

This release is accompanied with an official lyric video, complete with an eerie distorted dental x-ray that serves to highlight some of the lyrics in the song, and of course, references the title of the single. ‘Smile’ possesses aggressive and raw energy that is conveyed through every element of the track, from the lyrics and vocals, right down to the drums and bass.

Superbloom utilised vintage instrument effects to create the distinctive feel of this track, which references iconic rock bands like Soundgarden. The production of this single is certainly a standout feature. Frontman Robert James has praised producer Thomas Mitchener who was able to bring their ideas to life through chorus and fuzz effects as the band set themselves the mission of modernising the quintessential 90s rock sound.

‘Smile’ wouldn’t sound out of place alongside giants like Nothing But Thieves, Young Guns, or Biffy Clyro – a huge thundering rock track that can only be blasted at top volume.