We review Temples of Youth’s new single – Keen To Be Clean

An ominous riff soaked in western twang and a driving rhythm set an instant scene as you’re thrown head first into ‘Keen To Be Clean’, the brand new single from Southampton outfit Temples of Youth. 

Once again they have brought us a track with an effortlessly cool tone that has served them well in the past.

It doesn’t stop there though. Whilst the verses take on this sophisticated, minimalist approach, the band have also been kind enough to pair them with a catchy chorus for those who like a good old-fashioned sing-along. The shifting dynamics as you move through the three minutes of looming post-punk sets the song as a real competitor against other bands in the currently thriving guitar-band scene.

In their explanation of the song the band said ‘the track is about moral decline, alienation and growing old disgracefully.’. It certainly fits the menacing and doomful sound of the track, and the band hopes this will turn heads and add to their already impressive track run of releases. 

Whatever attention they garner from ‘Keen To Be Clean’, they then have the challenge to take that momentum and carry it into their next releases. We should all be keeping one eye on what comes from Temples of Youth in the near future.

For now, you can give ‘Keen To Be Clean’ a listen and let us know what you think!