We Review The Clockworks Live In Manchester – What Happened?

A packed-out Deaf Institute saw something quite special on Saturday night as The Clockworks took to the stage. Moshpits from the off, drinks flying in the air, and a crowd who really loved the show which was put on. 

The show opener, Pyncher got the night kicked off with a bang with some high-energy guitar music and quite brilliant on (and briefly off) stage performance. One of the things about Pyncher which really stood out to me was the all-round performance on stage, all members of the band are so connected to their instruments that it almost seems like their instruments are a part of them. 

The guitarist of the band was one member of Pyncher who really stood out to me, with his unbelievable on-stage movement and presence alongside the other members, as well as perfectly executing his parts at the same time. This followed by the added aspect of the frontman jumping off stage and into the audience really had me and other people in the room gripped, a tantalising touch to an incredible opening performance. 

After Pyncher came to the lads from Galway who are now based in London. Enter, The Clockworks. From the first note strummed on the guitar to the drums which can only be described as metronomic through every other member of the band, The Clockworks took my breath away and left an imprint on my brain. 

From the moment the band come on stage, you can feel the energy and anticipation in the room from the crowd standing in front of the stage, waiting for an hour of music which was quite simply mind-bending. 

The set starts off with a high-energy banger in ‘Endgame’ which immediately gets the whole room bouncing. The mood from the first song onwards would only grow through the night and The Clockworks really did have the whole room on strings, every track almost seemingly designed for this sort of occasion, to make rooms erupt. 

I could talk about the way that The Clockworks controlled the room with the music they played for pages, but I don’t have the vocabulary to put what I saw into words. However, a bigger thought approached my brain only when the set approached the midway point with the band’s latest single ‘Advertise Me’. This thought was the execution of what was happening on stage, playing any instrument to a crowd is hard but when a band is faced with such a busy, bustling, and even rowdy crowd – it can become quite daunting. Not for The Clockworks, everything they did on stage seemed like it was carried out without any real nerves showing and they made the playing of their instruments seem so effortless, this really speaks to the work which the band clearly put in behind the scenes. 

An incredible, memorable night was had, noticeably so, by every person in the room. This show is personally, probably one of the best I’ve seen put on by any rising band in recent years. One of the notes that the band made towards the end was that the last time they came to Manchester they played to a room of around 20. This time the venue was brimming with happy faces to see the band, the rise of The Clockworks is one which is very well deserved and I really hope we get to see them in Manchester again soon. Don’t miss out on a chance to see these boys again if they’re in a city near you.