We review the debut single from Odd Opal – Urban Countryside

‘A groovy little track about childhood, and imagination’. LA artist Odd Opal (Todd Boepple) tells you exactly what to expect from his debut single ‘Urban Countryside’.

A dreamy and distant sound, with plenty of chorus effect and electric organ chords, it transports you back to the days of 1960s pop bands. It’s definitely a nostalgia trip, and it’s hard not to sit back and imagine the floaty, flower-power times of sixty years ago.

What sells the song the most is its undeniable playful side. Todd Boepples laid-back lyrics about childhood freedom add a great sense of relatability and appeal to the track. You can hear his imagination working away, dancing over the whimsical chord progressions. It makes it easy to put yourself in his shoes.

Whilst the track is an enjoyable listen, I do think it struggles to go further than that mark. You can listen and admire it, but it doesn’t necessarily linger in your head afterwards. Arguably, an extra catchy hook was needed to really get you to stick around.

That being said, for a debut single, it’s an interesting listen and the production quality is more than impressive. Odd Opal should certainly be pleased with himself, and I hope he brings us more music that takes on sounds you don’t hear as much these days. 

He certainly has an ear for intricate song composition, which only creates more promise for what he might release next.

Urban Countryside’ is out now for you to give it a listen. Check it out, see what you think, and let us know!

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