We review the new single from The Royal Leisure – Pastries

There’s a lot to be said about DIY musicians, with 2020 seeing a lot of people revert to the age old art of making music in your garage or bedroom. This is amplified when it’s a solo artists such as, The Royal Leisure. It gives a pure vision of what they’re going for, without a record label or producer influence over a project. 

Pastries is the second single from The Royal Leisure, and is the textbook example of something interesting that emerges from a truly solo artist. An unfiltered look at what they’re going for with their music. 

As a song, Pastries folds in a lot of disco and acid jazz elements that call back to the funky style of the 70’s and 80’s whilst bringing in some wild elements to just enhance the feeling.

With one of the percussion pieces even sounding like a teaspoon tapping on a cup and saucer, it shows how The Royal Leisure is not afraid to tap into something different to get the sound they want. 

Overall we’re met with a lot of funky beats, the classic disco style guitar twang that you can probably imagine by just thinking about it. Along with a deep bass that’s presented as this deep and powerful core to the song.

Offset these with a lot of synth notes dropping in and out all over the place and some sampled tones such as a pleasant sounding musical scream. 

It’s forever interesting and has a lot of attitude and good vibes. Coupled with a gentle and delicate vocal performance and, voila. There’s quite the large arrangement of different elements going on, with everything overlapping in a symphony of funk. 

It’s a pleasure to see and breaks away to a more niche genre that’s got its fans, but gets nowhere near enough attention. But rather than trying to break the mould and do something wild, playing it safe and putting out a quality disco inspired track with interesting elements to it was definitely the safe and correct bet.