We review The Horn’s new single – Passion

Sometimes an infectious indie-rock track just can’t be beaten, and if you’ve been looking for a new one then look no further. The Horn presents you with their brand new debut single ‘Passion’.

Stabbing chords, intricate guitar melodies and a driving rhythm section makes a perfect backing for the contrasting placid vocals. This cool, calm, and collected approach compliments the jaunty rock sound nicely, and ultimately allows the track to project itself with a nonchalant swagger that just makes you like it more.

Talking about the origins of ‘Passion’, bassist Nick True said ‘I suppose looking back, it was about the roller coaster of life in my 20’s…We took it into the studio and came up with some new musical ideas like a new solo by Danny which gave a lot of musicality to play against the constant rhythms. Now it’s finished, it feels special to me because it straddles decades of my life and as the chorus goes, ‘what a feeling’ hearing it finally fulfilled!’.

Whilst you may not really consider it on first listen, but the sound of the song is immensely professional.

The production quality is high and you can really tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into the recording process. It’s a great first release from the London outfit to get a buzz going around their name straight out of the gate. There should be plenty of intrigue and excitement around the band for what they’ll release next. Hopefully, it lives up to the high standards they’ve already set themselves.

Give ‘Passion’ a listen, and let us know what you think!