Washer -Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends
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The latest album “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends” from Brooklyn based garage rock duo Washer is a raw yet melodic continuation of the bands minimalist style.

Having disappeared for six years after the release of their 2017 album “All Aboard” Washer have now returned with a lot to show for their time off. With fifteen songs showcasing the bands own defined and innovative sound that they’ve built upon, “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends” showcases the work of dedicated and seasoned musicians.

Beginning with their signature jagged guitar chords and rough instrumentals the opening track “King Insignificant” begins with a teasing slow pace before exploding into a driving and angsty ending.

This gritty energetic tone defines the entire record, with following numbers such as “Not Like You” embodying the same frustrated sound. The rip roaring and unrestrained vocals of singer and guitarist Mike Quigley that accompany Washer’s aggressive instrumentals enhance the refreshingly unfiltered approach the duo have to music making.

With their raw and spirited indie rock sound shining through “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends” is an album made to be played to a live audience. The already dynamic tracks would only sound more forceful when experienced at a gig, from the aggressive, competitive tone of “Grift On Repeat” to the despondent “Answer To Hell” each song on the record has its own emotive power.

Despite the dark and aggravated feel to the record, “Improved Means To Deteriorate Ends” is a creative and fun listen. With catchy hooks and unexpected anthemic moments scattered across the album, Washer proves that they know how to appeal to the listener whilst maintaining their edge. Tracks like “The Waning Moon” and “Threadbare” are instantly infectious and groovy and demonstrate that Washer can effectively make their unpolished, garage style wonderfully melodic. Innovative and daring in their approach, each track comes with a surprise.

Overall, “Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends” is an impressive and rare record where each track stands up on its own as a single.

With their authentic style as refreshing as always Washer’s latest record showcases their ability to create undeniable earworms that give the listener something distinctive each time.