A collection of tunes with so much sonic potential and so much that could be great, IRJA’s latest EP ‘KRYO’ is very much one for all synth pop and dance lovers alike, a real get up and go sort of feel surrounds the majority of this EP. 

Although these songs do have a boatload of potential, they just seem to really struggle to get off the mark. Mainly due to the production, there’s so much high-end in the synths and a lot less bass compared to it. In this style of music, the production should be second to none and I just feel this could use a little more work. 

The genre sensibility of this music, however, is definitely something to behold as there is a clear understanding of where there needs to be a difference musically within the tracks. From the first track, there is a clear awareness of tension and release within the music. 

For example within the track ‘Foot In The Door’ there is a big build-up into the verse at which point the music drops out and the vocals take centre stage, a standout moment in the EP! 

Overall, this EP is very good and written very well but it just needs a little extra boost in terms of production to see it at the standard that it deserves to be.