We review the latest EP from Lukas Setto – After Dark

London artist Lukas Setto brings us his latest release, the four-track EP ‘After Dark’.

Hot on the heels of some of his recent releases including ‘About Time’ and ‘Do It Again’ – this new collection features two fresh songs from Setto; ‘Make Up’ and ‘Something Tells Me’, along with an instrumental version of both.

As the EP title alludes, this release follows the musician’s signature vibe – soulfully sensual yet playful – with tracks about flirtation, lust and all the fun to be had ‘after dark’.

Opening number ‘Make Up’ is perhaps the strongest and stand out of the record.  Lyrically it tells of a break up/make up relationship, with a couple always drawn back to one another – their attraction seemingly even sweeter after a fight. “We should just make up / Over and over and over”

Showcasing some soaring falsetto vocals from the artist along with touches of fluttery synth – it’s backed with a moody bass line throughout giving it a truly sassy and seductive sound.
The ‘Make Up’ instrumental manages to retain the fun flow of its namesake, albeit stripped of Setto’s stunning voice.

Second track ‘Something Tells Me’ is slower paced, featuring a flourish of keys and sharp throbbing percussion. Setto sings of falling in love (or lust) with someone and the obvious attraction between them.

“Ohh I can’t wait to get you home with me / Ooh something tells me that’s where you wanna be”
Again, the vocals are silky-smooth and unbelievably gorgeous from Lukas Setto – a treat for the ears.

The instrumental version features no vocals, except for a certain ‘orgasmic interlude’ which kicks in around the 1-minute mark. These sex-centric tones, gasps and moans add to the mood of the track (and EP as a whole).

It’s safe to say that ‘After Dark’ is one to add to your bedroom playlist.