We review the latest release from BREEZE – Adrenaline

Blowing in from the east, Hull’s four-piece BREEZE seem sure to storm onto many-a-playlist with their third release – ‘Adrenaline’.

After last year’s debut ‘Touch The Sky’, followed by March track ‘Eyes Wide Open, the band doesn’t stray too far from that tried-and-tested indie-rock formula in this most recent offering.

A neat 2.59 running time included, it’s a frenetic flurry of chugging angular guitars and beat-heavy drums. There’s an aggressive quality to ‘Adrenaline’, a forthright attitude that feels like the band is becoming more and more confident with each release.

Laced with the sharpness of muted strums, fuzzy feedback, and a dose of swaggering indie vocals – it’s a recipe fit for a mid-noughties soundtrack. In fact, the rapid-fire verses, a chorus of spiraling ahhh’s and an almost uncanny use of Turner/Helders-esque call and response – it’d be fair to say that this track wouldn’t feel out of place on either of the Arctic Monkeys’ first couple of albums.

“I can change for the better / Or I can change for the worse”

There are echoes of Catfish and The Bottlemen in there too – as lyrics convey the dizzying thrill of attraction. The buzzy rush of energy and urgency are palpable. Frontman Albert Anderson explained, “It just hits you with full force straight away like a proper indie anthem should do”. And I think that’s a fair comment. Where it lacks in necessary freshness, ‘Adrenaline’ makes up for this in its blast of cocky attitude so synonymous with the genre. An assault on the eardrums – in the best way – and is sure to be a hit with indie alt-rock lovers.

A solid third release from a band whose average age is just 18!