We review the latest single from Bonze – (Mercedes)

London-based artist Bonze presents his latest single for our listening pleasure – ‘(Mercedes)’.

Real name Jack Reardon, the Weybridge-born creative might be a new name to your ears, but in fact, has experience in the industry stretching back more than a decade. After working in A&R and songwriting amongst other things, Bonze is here to showcase his own talents, center-stage, with material blending both alt-pop and electronica sounds.

Hot on the heels of singles like ‘Self’ and Give In’ (both released this year), the singer-songwriter-producer takes introspective lyricism and backs it with an ambient, ethereal soundtrack. Think The 1975 or Metronomy. And ‘(Mercedes)’ is no different.

A track pondering young love, personal connections, and what the future may bring – it’s a succinct capture of a period a lot of us go through in our adolescence/young adulthood. The possibilities, the new relationships, and the prospect of long-term commitment. Lyrics reflect on these uncertainties with opening lines questioning…
“Will you be a stranger when I turn 35? Will you be the one I’m with for the rest of my life?”

Reardon explains, (mercedes) the song itself, is all about a girl called Mercedes but the song itself doesn’t mention her name once, hence the brackets.”. Taking a personal yet instantly relatable experience – Bonze fills the three-and-a-half-minute single with flavours of techno, dance and pop. Distorted and glitchy vocals echo the (sometimes indistinct) lyrics bringing a hazy dream-like vibe to the mix as pulsing synths and cutting percussion keep the beat.

‘(Mercedes)’ is a track perfect to soundtrack those late nights where sleep is a stranger, but your mind is running wild.