There’s a refreshingly grounded simplicity with Cascade. Take their Twitter biography – ‘Rock n Roll band from the south’ – it’s unassuming but you can’t fault its factual correctness. Despite this their rise has been less unostentatious. Half a decade after forming, the London indie-band’s consistent stream of singles has gained them a respectable following – ‘90s brit pop has a lot to answer for. 

This is not an attempt to disparage the band. But it’s hardly casting aspersions to observe just how marked the Oasis influence is on new single ‘Another Day’. It’s almost a testament to them that the chord progressions, vocals and lyrics are so Gallagher-esque. As such this isn’t the most forward-thinking music available.

However, Cascade are undeniably well versed musically. It’s well performed – they’re an unquestionably tight group instrumentally. The pounding drums and puncturing guitar riffs, while not thunderous, are gripping.

The vocal melodies also stick. The hook is strong and it doesn’t take many listens before the mind begins to repeat these melodies with ease. The progressively growing presence of backing vocals during the song’s breakdown are ideal for a live setting too – and with this there is something pleasingly raw about the recording.

There’s an element of cynicism in simply casting this group away as another bunch of Oasis-lovers when they are performing this well together. However, it is true that they need a more defined sound – and they have a long way to go.