We review the latest single from Cascade – Merry Little World

London-based four-piece Cascade serve up a slice of rallying rock n roll with their newest release ‘Merry Little World’.

Following last year’s single ‘The State of Humanity’ and an acoustic EP ‘Before Time Began’, this new track sees the lads tap into that widely felt onslaught of mixed feelings we’ve all been hit with these last 18 months. A common theme for many a band recently, but sure as hell a relatable one.

From the off, ‘Merry Little World’ wastes no time getting stuck in – from the opening thundering drum roll straight into a cacophony of climbing guitars, a buzzy recurring keyboard riff dips in and out like sunshine in a storm. Incredibly beat heavy throughout, it’s insistent, persistent and packing a punch – this track will grab any unsuspecting listeners roughly by the lugholes and along for the merry ride. A ride which feels more like a race at this pace.

“So what you thinking? / I know you’re reaching..”
Strong lead vocals give that undeniable indie rock quality we’re all familiar with. Combining a certain Gallagher-esque swagger with the rapid-fire delivery of an early Arctics hit – it’s definitely commanding and quintessential of the genre.

Indeed, it’s a tried-and-true recipe – a straightforward, upbeat indie rock song with catchy riffs and an all-out rousing chorus bound to stick in your head long after the first listen. But really, what’s not to like? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – build on it. And much like their name, Cascade overflow with that anthemic rock we’ve all heard before – adding their own splash to it. ‘Merry Little World’ reminds us – shit could be a whole lot worse.